The safety vehicle is mostly yellow (with a minimum combination of black) and has a start number of 111. The driver’s name is SAFETY CAR. While driving, it has all four turn signals, a rear rain light and a yellow LED auxiliary lighting.
(we reserve the right to change the design of the vehicle)


The safety vehicle (hereinafter SC – Safety Car) drives on the track in case of major accidents, obstacles on the track, weather conditions or other problems in which the race must be limited:

  • a major accident involving multiple racers
  • the vehicle remains on the track due to serious damage or lack of fuel (procedures to be determined)
  • the start of heavy rain

In our races, the drive-in of SC can also be random, given that in racing simulations, the above problems occur very rarely. When the SC will drive to the racetrack is randomly drawn before the race (which lap and how many laps) and does not depend on any position of the racers or anything like that.

Upon entry of the SC, drivers will be notified with the message: “The safety car is on the track!”


Before the start of the race, the SC starts from the last position. He rides one slower lap for the racers and then leaves the racetrack. In the event of an accident, the SC may stop and wait for the scene of the accident on the racetrack to be emptied.


At the time of the SC import message, any overtaking is prohibited, no matter where you are on the route. While driving the SC, a stop in the boxes is allowed, so this is the only option allowed to overtake (a vehicle that is in the boxes).
SC drives on the track in front of the first ranked driver, if he drives in front of anyone else, these drivers are allowed to overtake SC. The first ranked racer must therefore be set for the SC.
If a leading racer decides to drive into the pits, the other racers may overtake him.


The safety vehicle travels on a limited speed track, which takes into account that the tires do not get too cold for other drivers. All race cars also have an engine map available for such a situation


Drivers who are one lap or more behind also line up behind the SC, in the position they had at the time on the racetrack. Overtaking and overtaking is not allowed if the SC is on the track for less than 3 laps. If the SC is on the track for more than three laps, these racers have the option immediately after the start of the fourth lap to close the gap by one lap. But only for one round.


When the SC leaves the racetrack, the race starts again, but the racers are still not allowed to overtake to the starting finish line. The speed at which they drive to this line is determined by the first driver, who must not intentionally annoy or obstruct the riders (for example, that he changes speed or direction unpredictably).